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The conger is a semi-wild fish that lives on rocky shores, at depths of about 30 meters. It lives in holes and caves where it rarely goes out during the day. It feeds on crustaceans, fish and squid. It is a nocturnal predator
By having a lot of vitamin A or niacin, conger prevents eye diseases, strengthens the immune system and has anticancer properties. Also for its high content of vitamin A, this fish also favors the good condition of the skin and mucous membranes.
Its high amount of vitamin D of conger makes the consumption of this fish is recommended to strengthen the skin and bones. In addition, the consumption of foods with vitamin D helps strengthen the immune system and helps prevent certain types of cancer.


We have our own fleet of boats to ensure the best treatment of our products, first quality fish from the COSTA DA MORTE.


It is made manually as before, each copy passes through the hands of the craftsman for the lapping process, which cuts vertically, accurately and with the same dimension so that the air passes through the fish and dries it.


It dries in wooden structures called “CABRIAS” in which those northeast winds whip so characteristic of the area. Sometimes when time does not allow drying, we have a camera in which you can finish your process without weather conditions that may condition the product.